Colorado Cool Stuff: Vedante Pop Bands, Collars and Leashes

After a long career as a fashion designer and owner of Los Angeles apparel companies, Barbara Kantor “semi-retired” to Boulder in 1997. The avid walker often took to the Boulder Creek Path after nightfall, but thought most reflective clothing lacked style.


One evening in 2006, she was walking with a friend, discussing the possibility of starting another apparel company making fashion-forward “super-reflective” wearables. A few blocks later, they witnessed a pedestrian get struck by a driver who didn’t see her black jacket, and Kantor knew her instincts were correct.

“I recognized a void in the market,” Kantor recalls. “I’m certainly not semi-retired anymore.” Vedante now makes arm bands (“Pop Bands”), leashes, and dog and cat collars in a variety of colors that reflect light up to 1,500 feet in all directions. Five percent of the gross of products bought without packaging goes back to charities supporting safety and the environment. $10.98 to $45.98 retail. Made by Vedante Corp., Boulder A list of dealers is on the website.

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