Colorado Crafted supports small biz, one gift box at a time

How to give the perfect, individualized client gift

Colorado Crafted co-founders Sarah Welle (left) and Dulcie Wilcox (right).

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, it’s time to start purchasing gifts for everyone in your life from friends and family to co-workers and clients. However, finding something unique, high quality and with wide appeal isn’t always easy, even in Colorado, with small businesses and artisans aplenty. Faced with this exact dilemma in 2012, Dulcie Wilcox and Sarah Welle decided to make it easier for everyone and started Colorado Crafted.

Rather than hunt down Colorado-made products in different boutiques and small markets for a gift basket, Wilcox and Welle decided to source and build their own gift boxes, “boot-strapping it all the way,” according to Welle. 

“Our customers shop online because they love local, they love Colorado, but they often don’t have the time to attend artisan markets, search around on Etsy or visit all the cool little boutiques around the state.” Welle says. “

In the years since launching, Colorado Crafted has grown and evolved to offer a variety of gift options. “We find new product ideas through Instagram, by visiting local markets (like Firefly), and via recommendations from our customers & current vendors. We also accept product submissions through our website,” Welle says. 

Colorado Crafted spa box.

Customers can build their own box, choose a curated gift box — with options such as Apres Ski Box, Spa Box, Colorado Snack Box, Mountaineer Box and more — or fill a Colorado tote bag with goods. Some of the products include savory and sweet snacks, energy bars, jerky, cocktail bitters, some clothing items, souvenirs and spa products. 

Colorado Crafted also works with businesses to build the perfect boxes for clients, new employees or for event attendees. While these gift boxes are individualized, there are a few tips that the company offers for business gifting. 

First, consider the receivers values (this could range from USA-made to eco-friendly). Next, tell a story to create a personal connection, which “is one of the primary goals of business gifting,” Welee says. Third, minimize the amount of branded swag. Fourth, choose higher quality over quantity. And lastly, to create a well-rounded gift include a nice keepsake, a personal connection product and a shareable consumable. 

When selecting products, the company allows you to filter products by the city they were made in, gluten-free and vegan food options and whether they’re women-owned or new businesses. 

“As small business owners who happen to be women, too, we love that we have this opportunity to support other women-owned businesses,” Welle says. “We have a platform to help get these small and growing new brands and products out to a larger group of people than they might be able to access on their own. We love being another avenue for these businesses to grow brand awareness and increase sales to a new audience who’s truly interested in what they’re doing.”

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