Colorado Female Business Owners Have Stories to Tell

Daddy’s Homemade Syrup found ways to pivot during the pandemic, and uplift women-owned, small businesses.
Daddys Homemade Family

Last month during Women’s History Month, we celebrated the contributions of women throughout history and today. As a female business owner myself, I empathize and understand the struggles of women-led businesses that continue to be hit hard by the impact of the pandemic. That’s why, I encourage my fellow Coloradans to please consider supporting our women-led local businesses all year long.

It’s important we all work together to understand the challenges women face in the business world on every level. I’ve certainly experienced my own obstacles starting our family business.

In 2020, my husband Dannie and I founded our business, Daddy’s Homemade Syrup. Dannie wanted our kids to eat healthier, especially during breakfast, so he started experimenting with syrups, mixing, matching, and calculating all-natural ingredients and flavors. When our daughter, a picky eater, approved of the taste, we knew we were onto something.

But then COVID-19 hit, and all the events I had planned to participate in to sell our products were canceled. That’s when I decided to create a website and turn to social media so people could buy our syrup online.

Two years later, my business has taken off online with the help of tools like Instagram Reels that allow us to connect with customers while showing new products.

Throughout the pandemic, women have shown resilience and shifted their businesses online. In fact, the recent Global State of Small Business report by Meta (Facebook) found that nearly half of U.S. women-led small business owners report making at least 25% of their sales digitally, compared to 39% of small businesses led by men. I am proud to be a part of that statistic.

Women have led the charge to establish their businesses in the new digital marketplace. But despite our ingenuity, the pandemic has still taken a toll on the bottom line of many women-owned businesses.

Let’s show extra support spreading the word about our favorite women-owned businesses and shopping at women-owned stores, whether online or in person!


Amber Burr if the founder of Daddy’s Homemade Syrup. Read more on Facebook, at:  @daddyshomemadesyrups, Daddy’s Homemade Syrup.  

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