Colorado – One of the Nation’s Healthiest States – Just Stepped it Up

Need a breather, business travelers?

For all the joy we experience during travel and exploration, the act of getting from one place to another takes a toll on the body, mind and sprit. People often feel the effects of jetlag up to six days after flying, and any adult who has taken a redeye flight can attest to the discomfort and fatigue that follows. As individuals and organizations grow increasingly invested in wellness, they are looking for ways to take care of themselves while on the road.

With that in mind, it is not surprising that airports are becoming more interested and invested in how to help reduce stress of travel – including with the addition of yoga and meditation rooms for travelers.

During a yoga retreat in Nicaragua two years ago, I met a fellow yogi and my soon-to-be business partner, Elizabeth Feinstone. With a shared a passion for adventuring around the globe, we immediately bonded over our enthusiasm, and conversely the wear and tear of travel, and started to wonder if we couldn’t help fellow travelers mitigate the strain that can arise in transit. We all want to arrive at our destinations feeling our best, and when that’s not feasible, at least enjoy a swift recovery.

Could we bring yoga, our shared passion, to the weary traveler?

We began developing a concept for private spaces in airports, where travelers could meditate, practice yoga, or just take a few deep breaths. This would require a calm space, as well as guided, easy-to-follow classes for people of varying experience. We wanted to break down any barriers for novices, by ensuring our instructional videos were welcoming for all.

Our answer was Yoga on the Fly.

Set to launch at the Denver International Airport on Monday, , Yoga on the Fly is the world's first private airport yoga studio, offering guided yoga, meditation and breath-work classes in a serene environment. As one of the top five healthiest states in the country, Colorado was on the top sites to launch the business. The airport is also home to more than 30,000 air travel employees, invited to come in for a class.

Yoga on the Fly’s experience focuses on alleviating stress, promoting health and increasing well-being, something that so many Colorado residents (as well as those passing through) truly embody.

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