ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year 2015 finalist: Jeff Hermanson

He led the group that bought Larimer Square

CEO, Larimer Associates

After operating several restaurants on the famous block, Hermanson led the group that bought Larimer Square in 1993. He switched course in 2000 and moved from mostly national chains to local restaurants and retailers.

“We facilitated and incubated some of our tenants,” he says of the strategy. “Their success is our success.”

For 2015, Larimer Square celebrated 50 years of historic preservation with plans for new streetscaping and alley activation as another Larimer Associates project, Union Station, reclaims its position as the center of Denver.

“I feel I was very fortunate because I made my first million by the age of 30,” Hermanson says. “I promptly lost every penny of it and more by the time I was 32. You learn more from setbacks than successes.”

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