ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year 2015 finalist: John Levisay

Branded product sales were up 100 percent in 2015

Founder and CEO, Craftsy

Founded in 2010, Craftsy has grown to 260 employees and a catalog of arts and crafts classes spanning painting to knitting to woodworking. Collaboration is at the core of the corporate culture, goes a Craftsy credo: “Team over self, company over team, and customer over company.” In 2015, the strategy is paying off. “We sell a class every 18 seconds,” Levisay says. “That’s 5,000 classes a day.”

Branded product sales were up 100 percent in 2015, and now represent 40 percent of sales. “We’re continuing to see a virtuous loop from inspiration to education to the products,” notes Levisay.

Moving forward, “Celebration of success” of customers is a priority. Makers love getting feedback on what they’ve made,” he says.

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