Colorado's economy is booming – here's why

There's a whole lot of building going on

To see how well Colorado's economy is doing, look to the sky, says Jon Robinson, UMB Bank's CEO and chief lending officer.

"You can take a look at the number of cranes in the air downtown for example, I believe we have over a dozen," Robinson told ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin. "(That) means new projects are coming out of the ground. Building is doing really well."

Colorado's booming economy means that the state is an exciting place to live and work right now, Robinson says.

"I'd say most industries are doing very well," he says. "I would start with the construction industry, both on the residential and the commercial side. When your economy is growing, usually that means people are spending money."

Hear more of Robinson's analysis of Colorado economy, and which industries are the big winners:

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