Colorado’s Most Powerful Salespeople: C. Douglas Wulf

C. Douglas Wulf, 50

Senior vice president, Cassidy Turley Colorado, Denver

WHAT HE DOES: As a commercial real estate broker, Wulf represents both office tenants and owners of office buildings in the leasing, sale or acquisition of office space in Denver.

SALES PRODUCTION: Wulf has been the No. 1 producer seven of the past 10 years at Cassidy Turley Colorado (formerly Fuller Real Estate).

SALES ADVICE: “On the way up in getting to the ultimate decision maker at a firm, I always try to make sure I deal with everyone in an organization with the same level of attention, courtesy and respect,” Wulf says. “With so many people competing for a decision maker’s attention these days, your chances of meeting and engaging with that person are far better if others at the front end of that process simply like you and are then willing to internally advocate for whatever you are trying to accomplish at their firm.”

MOST REWARDING ASPECT OF WORK: “Working on a team with fellow brokers who all have the same drive and ambition to succeed at a high level while still having fun and plenty of laughs along the way. Being individually successful in sales is fine, but when I and my fellow broker team members win assignments and close transactions together with a concerted effort and defined roles, that is far more satisfying and enjoyable.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “The most challenging part of being a commercial real estate broker is being compensated on a 100 percent commission basis for your entire career. However, I cannot imagine starting on January 1 in a different sales role that has a defined ceiling and limited earning potential. The attractiveness of commercial real estate brokerage is that the effort, creativity and intellect you put in is generally directly proportional to your compensation level, and many jobs just don’t have that correlation.”

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