Colorado’s Most Powerful Salespeople: Reed Smith

Reed Smith, 33

Vice president, employee benefits, CoBiz Insurance, Denver

WHAT HE DOES: Manages $2 million in recurring revenue for CoBiz by delivering high performance health-care strategies to clients.

SALES PRODUCTION: Since joining CoBiz Insurance in January 2010, Smith has delivered three consecutive years of 25 percent to 50 percent growth for the firm’s benefits-consulting practice. He has consistently surpassed his sales goals by more than 200 percent the past two years.

INSIDE PRAISE: “Reed’s approach is to truly act as an adviser to his clients,” says Paul Boehm, a CoBiz Insurance colleague who nominated Smith for this award. “His background on both the provider and adviser side give him a unique perspective.”

SALES ADVICE: “Define your target market and commit to relentless pursuit of that market where you can add the most value,” Smith says. “This will require walking away from an opportunity that falls outside of your defined target; however, in the long run it will produce superior and sustainable sales results.”

SOCIAL-MEDIA SAVVY: “His resourcefulness is evident in his continual presence on social media connecting his clients and prospects to each other to provide them other resources to help in solving relevant issues or ways to take their business to the next level,” Boehm says of Smith. “He is consistently using LinkedIn and Twitter to share timely information with his broad network.”

SALES PHILOSOPHY: “I strive to be a thought leader in the health-insurance industry. While our service model allows us to easily vie for business based on cost and resources, it is our approach that sets us apart from our competitors. Instead of waiting for the marketplace to define solutions, we are actively creating true sustainability for our clients.”

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