Create a great team

One of the most important parts of business is placing the right people around you that not only believe in your vision but also are passionate about seeing you succeed. If we have ever tried to go it alone, we quickly realize how difficult and lonely it can be.
This past year I’ve learned about the importance of having the right people. Jim Collins, in his book, Good to Great, explores how crucial it is to have the right people in the right seats on your bus.

Trying to build the best team for my private practice has led me to some disappointments as well as lessons learned. We’ve made significant changes in people, positions, and responsibilities to help meet our goals as a business more efficiently and effectively.

Our team has included mentors, mastermind members, a CPA, a business coach, marketing and development personnel, an office manger, a social media expert and other employees.

The benefits to building a great team are numerous. Surrounding yourself with people with whom you can share thoughts, ideas, concerns and goals gives you invaluable feedback, brainstorming, suggestions and advice. Having the right people around you allows you to hear new ideas and learn what has worked without recreating the wheel.

Additionally, it is easier to discuss tough business decisions that you may have avoided in the past when the people you have surrounded yourself with share in your vision and passion. But more than anything, you have the ability to share and celebrate your successes. It is incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by others that share your same drive and motivation in creating your dream.

So it’s time to build your team; here are some questions to ask yourself: Who makes up your team? Do they share in your vision? Are they passionate about being a part of your team? What positions are essential for you to have around you to meet and surpass your business goals?

There are many ways to go about creating your team. Here are some places in which to build your support team:

Family and significant others: You probably already have people in your immediate circle that you could recruit to play a more active role in supporting your goals. Get clear on what you would like them to do that would support you in your business goals.

Contract personnel: I have found that if I am not good at something it is best to find who is and have them do it. That’s why hiring contracted people for certain jobs is a brilliant use of your resources; they have the passion and expertise for that particular task which allows you more time to do the things you love.

Mentors: I have been blessed in finding a superb mentor that has been instrumental in supporting my dreams and me. Contact someone in your field that you look up to or who you have been inspired by and explore the idea of having them become your mentor. What I have found is that people are flattered that you have asked and enjoy helping you succeed in your business.

Mastermind groups: This is best described as an accountability group for entrepreneurs. This is a great resource to brainstorm ideas, receive feedback and suggestions and homework to be kept accountable for and for helping you follow through.

Currently, my support team is made up of my office manager, marketing and development manager, social media consultant, contracted therapists, spouse, friends, mentors and my mastermind group. All of these people play a special role in my success. Now it is time to build your team of create your success.

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