Denver-Based Blinker Enhances Auto E-Commerce Platform Through Ally Partnership

The Colorado-born company expands to the largest U.S. car markets

Thirty percent of vehicle sales across the U.S. every year are peer-to-peer purchases. However, private-party marketplaces such as Autotrader,, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Letgo don’t offer crucial services such as integrated financing or lien payoff support.

Blinker, a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform that provides an end-to-end solution for anyone buying, selling or financing cars, is committed to empowering customers, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide guidance and tools to help them complete the entire purchase process themselves, from instant vehicle valuation to real-time auto loan approval to e-signing documents to secure funds transfer, all within Blinker's free mobile app.  

Blinker recently teamed up with Ally to offer best-in-class auto protection products for all vehicle purchases within the app. This includes both Ally Premier Protection and Ally Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) vehicle service contracts. GAP protection covers the difference between the cash value of the car and what Blinker customers still owe on their loan if that vehicle is stolen or totaled. Vehicle service contracts from Ally cover the repair cost for over 7,400 mechanical, electrical, safety or digital components. Ally also covers additional related expenses, including rental car coverage, towing and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Since its launch in 2016, Colorado-born Blinker has since expanded to the largest car markets in the U.S. Blinker’s proprietary e-commerce and loan origination platform is now also available in Texas, and most recently expanded to California and Florida as well.

Blinker’s commitment to empowering customers is paying off – both for customers, and for the company. Blinker has helped sellers earn an average of $2,900 over trade-in, saved buyers an average of $2,000 below dealer retail value and saved customers who refinance an average of $130/month on their car loans. Since launching in 2016, Blinker generated over $45,000,000 in vehicle sales.

Looking ahead, Blinker plans to continue expanding its services. In 2018, Blinker will roll out a collision insurance solution, and a digital retailing platform for dealers and off-lease companies.  

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