Do you need sales rehab?

The first step is the hardest:  admitting you have a problem.

How do you know when you have a selling problem?

  1. You’ve taken sales training, attended webinars and read the latest books and yet you can’t seem to close the gap between what you know and what you are actually able to put into practice.
  2. You blame others for your lack of sales results.  “The market’s down,” “I don’t want to sound salesy,” “nobody’s buying,” “I hate cold calling.”  But secretly you know that someone is buying and that people make money in every economy.  You suspect that the problem might be the negative mindset you’ve created but you’re unable to change it on your own.
  3. You keep trying quick fixes with no lasting change or you keep attempting to sell everyone with the same one-size fits all approach.
  4. You’re starting to hate selling and you approach each day with an uneasy sense of dread.
  5. You distract yourself with paperwork, proposals, unproductive coffee meetings  – anything in order to avoid what you know you should be doing – selling!

This economy is forcing many business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople to take a hard look at what they need to change in their business and the skills they need to learn, so they can sell more successfully, effectively and efficiently.

The professionals that are successful are the ones who admit: “I’m not producing the results I want to see in my business, I want to change,” “I know I am responsible for my sales results – good and bad – and I need help,” “I know what I am doing is no longer working” and “I better learn how to sell more effectively and efficiently in this new economy.”  These people know they are at step one and they are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to relieve their psychological and financial pain.

Many business owners and salespeople have admitted to us that they had a problem, knew they wanted a solution but were unsure where to turn. Sales is the backbone of any business. If you are in business to make a living, you have to be out there selling and you have to do it with a proven process. But there are so many systems out there.  Get rich quick solutions.  They all seem to say the same thing:  Just try harder, call more, push, push, push!  Unfortunately, most of these systems are based on buying habits that went out with the rotary phone.  Without a significant change in your mindset and core beliefs, lasting change and success will continue to elude you.

The fastest pathway to achieving business and sales success is not by applying a quick fix or regurgitating tired old ideas.  It comes from using a proven process, plan and strategy for reaching your goals in today’s economy. Savvy business owners know that winging it typically produces poor results while a customized plan combined with diligent execution ensures success.  But hand in hand with that, you must have the proper mindset.  You must or it will drag you back to Step One every time. 


So what is a Sales Rehab?  12-step programs and physical rehabilitation centers have proven beyond a doubt that people are able to make dramatic and lasting changes with the help of a supportive group and/or mentor who models and encourages new behavior, creates momentum and accountability. Applying those same principles in business can profoundly affect your ultimate success rate and revitalize your business.

When you step up, check in, and trade in your excuses, reasons and justifications for the lack of results in your business for a supportive customized process, you are ready for a complete rehabilitation of your selling and business systems and beliefs.

How do you check into sales rehab? 

  • Join a support group of like-minded professionals, intent on replacing old self-defeating patterns with new awareness and actions.
  • Find a coach or mentor who will help you develop a system, bridge the gap between “knowing” and “doing” and hold you accountable.
  • Adopt a proven system that changes not only your “outside” but helps you to make lasting changes on the “inside.”

If you’re a woman, you’re invited to join us for a Free teleseminar “Sales Rehab for Women” Tuesday, Feb. 21t at 5 p.m.  Learn how to develop confidence and create a concrete sales action plan you can use over and over in your business.  More info and registration here:



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