Dynamic leaders needed in the new economy

Imagine. Then rise.

Today’s leaders are increasingly relied upon to interpret critical information in order to make important long-term decisions for their organizations. Business challenges are more complex, many managers are realizing that an advanced degree is needed to assist them in their daily work and in their careers. The challenge for most is finding time to go back to school while working, balancing professional and personal responsibilities.

The University of Colorado offers an Executive MBA program that is specifically designed with the working professional in mind. You can earn your Executive MBA in less than two years, while you work. With schedules that provide twelve days between classroom meetings and a convenient location in downtown Denver, the University of Colorado EMBA allows for convenient commuting from anywhere in the region.

The program balances a strong quantitative core (finance, accounting, economics, and statistics) and significant emphasis on leadership, specifically on the skills and perspective required to transition to executive leadership. 

The curriculum includes assignments that reflect challenges faced in the business world. Students complete case analyses, group projects, workshops, computer simulations, and class discussions to strengthen their strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The class schedule is designed to integrate with student’s professional life through progressive course content and class assignments.

University of Colorado Executive MBA students use the insight shared by CU faculty and their fellow students to make better decisions within their organizations. Classes are comprised of executives from diverse backgrounds, functional areas, and stages in their careers. The University of Colorado EMBA exposes its students to critical conversations and experiences that provide immediate, real-time impact on the organizations each student represents, allowing students to apply their knowledge and progress in their careers even before they graduate from the program.

Learning extends beyond the classroom. The CU Executive MBA integrates international business and global economic issues throughout the curriculum. All EMBA students participate in an international business trip providing students with first-hand experience on how business is organized and managed outside of the United States. During the trip, the class visits a diverse set of companies, tour factory operations, and interact directly with senior managers at meetings arranged by the program. Students also divide into smaller groups centered on specific topics that they choose to explore in more depth during the trip. These small groups have the unique opportunity to arrange meetings with companies and organizations of interest.

CU EMBA also offers a dual degree option providing a unique opportunity to obtain a second Master of Science degree upon completion of the program. Students may select MS programs from the University of Colorado Denver or Colorado Springs Business Schools.

The University of Colorado Executive MBA develops and enhances in its students the qualities dynamic leaders share, including broad business perspectives and insights on a micro and macro level, understanding competitive and business implications of the current global economy, and establishing strong networks with regional and global reach.

Go to emba.colorado.edu to learn more and find details on upcoming information sessions. There is no better time than now to advance your career! 

(Editor's note: This sponsored content was provided by the University of Colorado Executive MBA program.)


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