Eight ways to end the fear of fear itself

Some of you are afraid that you’re never going to work again. You’re afraid that you’re not going to be able to pay your mortgage, send your kids to college or even buy food.

You’ve fallen prey to the constant fear-mongering that goes on in our nation. Paradoxically, this very fear is interfering with your job search, as well as this nation’s recovery from irresponsible and greedy policies of current and past administrations, and corporations. Here are some reasons you need to get rid of the fear and some ways to do it.

1). Employers can “smell” fear, desperation and anger. There is already some discrimination against the unemployed. Don’t make it worse by going in fearful, desperate or angry.

2). It’s killing you…literally! Constant fear and anger are bad for every organ of your body.

3). It’s really unattractive. No one wants to be around fearful, angry or desperate people. Being fearful, angry or desperate will severely negatively impact your networking.

Here are some tips to get help you get rid of fear, anger and desperation. Some of them are, I know, going to be controversial. Let’s try to keep the comments civil, please, and not generate more fear, conflict or anger.

1). Turn off the idiot box. If you must watch something, don’t watch the 24/7/365 news cycle. Get your business news right here at ColoradoBiz! Do you really need to marinate in the troubles of the world all the time? Get rid of Fox, MSNBC and CNN from your life.

2). Don’t listen to angry or fear-mongering talk show hosts. Turn off Rush in a real rush! Rachel can be muted, too. These people who generate fear and anger in our nation are a real danger to you. Don’t listen to them.

3). Stay away from “marches” and “rallies.” You’re not going to help yourself, your blood pressure or your outlook on life by going to an event that has people screaming at each other. Go to a networking event instead.

4). Take fear-based ads on TV with a huge grain of salt. Advertising, whether for a Mercedes or a political candidate, plays on our fears. Are our teeth white enough? Do we have blemishes? If we eat this cereal will be saved from a heart attack?

Political ads are the worst. Very few have accurate facts. Most exist to cause you to be afraid of something or someone. Mute TV advertising if you must watch the tube. Try to make purchasing and electoral decisions based on common sense, a look at the facts, and cool rationality, not fear, anger, or feelings of inadequacy.

5). Get real. I’ve never had a client who couldn’t get employed. Almost all of them got to stay in Denver. One of our (now working) clients was 70 when he came to us after having retired from another job. You’ll work again. And you’ll probably be working again pretty soon.

6). You’ll figure something out. You aren’t going to have to live in a cardboard box. Chill. Solving problems is what you do for a living. Apply your problem solving skills to unemployment. Get help if you need it. But stay calm.

7). Have meditation, prayer or quiet time for at least 20 minutes a day. Don’t ignore the spiritual side of all of this. Seek solace in whatever Higher Power you may believe in. Tap into the vast abundance that come from spirituality. If you’re an atheist, tap into the solace of nature and silence. These things will calm your fear, anger and desperation.

8). Don’t stop doing things. As far as possible, keep up your life activities, hobbies and routines. Make sure that each day you would have ordinarily been working is filled with work-finding activities. Volunteer. Help others with their job searches. Make yourself generally busy and useful and you won’t have time for lots of fear, anger or desperation.

I know that there are some real reasons to feel afraid now. But you must conquer negative feelings as far as possible, as well as refusing to let outside influences rile you up. Chill and be at peace. It will all work out.
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