Emily Griffith Technical College hires new executives

The new hires are the start of the school's future-forward plan

Emily Griffith Technical College expanded its executive team in order to support its new strategic plan. Keo Frazier has joined the team as vice president of communications and engagement, and Carrie Lau as vice president of information technology.

Frazier has nearly 20 years experience in marketing and will focus on strategic communications and brand engagement. Lau comes to Emily Griffith Technical College with more than 25 years of experience and will focus on implementing innovative technology solutions.

“These female leaders come to Emily Griffith Technical College as experts in their fields, bringing strong backgrounds and perspectives with them,” says Stephanie Donner, executive director of Emily Griffith Technical College. “This brings the executive leadership team to a total of five women out of six members, leading the institution into an innovative new decade.”

The college has three strategic initiatives that include four pillars — education, people, partnerships and operational excellence. These initiatives are raising visibility and awareness of Emily Griffith, growth and outcomes to meet the needs of our students and the state of Colorado, evolving the admissions process to focus on career navigation and job placement.

“It is important that we remain a strong institution for Colorado because our communities depend on us to provide educational resources to launch careers and keep Colorado moving forward,” Donner says.

Emily Griffith Technical College has been a longstanding institution in Colorado for over 100 years. The institution has touched so many lives in Colorado, helped to start thousands of small businesses, and has consistently jumpstarted individuals into new careers. Emily Griffith is an institution that continues to power Colorado’s economy and workforce.

For more information about Emily Griffith visit EmilyGriffith.edu. To follow the progress, visit facebook.com/EmilyGriffithTech/.

About Emily Griffith Technical College

The mission of Emily Griffith Technical College is to prepare students for today’s workforce and tomorrow’s opportunities. Each year, Emily Griffith serves approximately 8,000 students through 25 career training certification programs, 13 apprenticeships and a robust adult education and English language program. In 1916, Emily Griffith founded the Opportunity School which was later renamed Emily Griffith Opportunity School in her honor and, in 2011, renamed Emily Griffith Technical College to better represent the mission of the school. Emily Griffith was ahead of her time because she envisioned the school before technical colleges were even a concept. Over the past 100+ years, the college has educated nearly 2 million students who seek pathways toward long-term career advancement.

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