Employment law making your head hurt?

Are new vague employment laws driving your company crazy? They don’t have to if you attend Mountain States Employers Council’s 2010 Employment Law Update on May 5.

This year, the Employment Law Update (ELU) is open to both MSEC members and the general public, presenting valuable information to managers, supervisors and human resource professionals across the state. The ELU will include topics that have been all over the news lately, such as medical marijuana, ADAAA (yes, it has expanded), affirmative action and more.

The Case Law and Legislative Update is first up on this All-Star ELU update, and it is not to be missed. MSEC’s own Dean Harris is hosting that presentation and will be speaking about how the more things stay the same in employment law, the more they change.

Ryan Adair, from MSEC’s employment-based immigration services, will tell you all about keeping an eye on compliance planning that will take you into the next decade. Will there be new laws on immigration in the future? Of course, but you can be on the lookout if you have the tools you need for employment eligibility verification.

Government agencies, both state and federal, have been cracking down on independent contractors. Have you been misclassifying? Well, just classify yourself a MSEC ELU attendee and find out with the help of independent contractor expert, David Lavinder.

The ADA Amendments Act has proven a difficult law to comprehend. How can you prepare for the uncertainty and extreme changes that are taking place with this act? If you attend Mark Parcheta’s (ADA sage) presentation, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the changes and take the ADAAA bull by the horns.

Office politics can drive a person to feel like a contestant on a reality TV show. Evan Abbott, MSEC resident political survivor, shows you how to work that angle in your favor and use lessons from reality shows to help you from being voted off the island. With the recent controversial Supreme Court decision about affirmative action, things might be more complicated than ever. See how to avoid the minefield of protected status, difficult choices and reverse discrimination in this presentation on Employment Preferences by Chris Chrisbens.

Finally, in response to the most talked about employment law issue this year, MSEC’s Employment Law Update brings you: Drug and Alcohol Policies in the Age of Medical Marijuana. You can’t help but hear about this sensational issue or see the dispensaries springing up everywhere. Curtis Graves will help give you guidelines about constructing appropriate drug and alcohol policies for your company, while preparing you to respond properly to the inevitable discovery of medical marijuana in the workplace.

The conference takes place from 8:30 am-3:00 pm at the Colorado Convention Center. Managers, supervisors and Human Resource professionals are encouraged to register online at www.msec.org. Registration is $219 for non-members, $189 for members of MSEC, and $159 for three or more members of one company. Lunch and a comprehensive manual are included in the fee. With conferences presented in four Colorado locations, there will be one near you. Call (303-894-6732) or e-mail (registration@msec.org) MSEC today for more details.

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