EMPOWER Centers offers dynamic therapy services for low-income youth

New nonprofit increases options for mental health treatment

EMPOWER Centers is a newly created nonprofit that seeks to address income disparity for families with children suffering with mental health issues.

Founded by Mary Nord Cook, former Medical Director of the Department of Psychiatry at  the Children’s Hospital Colorado, EMPOWER Centers has a core group of social workers and therapists including Jaimelyn Roets, Kym Spring Thompson and Betsey Bucca.

Together, the group has a diverse range of expertise, specially geared towards mental and physical health. The organization also specializes in postpartum mental wellness and has group therapy offerings for every youth age group from age 5 through 18.

Cook says that her passions are developing and applying family and strengths-based approaches, pursuant of a goal to minimize medication, while optimizing parenting and psychosocial skills. “More skills equals less pills,” she says.

Through community donor support, EMPOWER Centers offers subsidized services to low-income families, disseminates best practices to the pediatric community and provides consultative services to school districts. Funding also helps with operational costs and the expansion of the center model into additional communities.

For more information and to make a donation, visit the EMPOWER Centers website at www.empowercenters.org or by calling (720) 7784077.

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