Face of 3D Printing: Aleph Objects' Grant Flaharty

His Loveland-based 3D printing company is expanding globally

Face of 3D Printing: Grant Flaharty, CEO 

Aleph Objects 

Additive manufacturing industry veteran Grant Flaharty, President and CEO of Colorado-based Aleph Objects, Inc., is aggressively expanding the company into global markets for education, aerospace, defense, engineering, research laboratories and makerspaces. In May, the company opened a new location in Europe, and it opened a new European headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

As designer and manufacturer of the award-winning LulzBot 3D Printers, the Loveland-based Aleph Objects is quickly leveraging its highly reliable 3D printers into the professional, biological and industrial markets. The LulzBot printers, of which there are two, were built to enable the conception, creation and manufacturing of prototypes and projects. Using Aleph Objects' printers, companies and individuals have used 3D printing for stop-motion animation, lacrosse, marketing and more. The U.S. Marine Corps are curently using LulzBot printers to overcome some of its equipment problems.  

Aleph Objects also offers educational discounts and bundles to help create immerse learning environments with 3D printers. The company believes that 3D printers have become a powerful tool in education as they bridge the gap between classroom concepts and reality. 

The company’s core values of Free Software,​ Libre Innovation and Open Source Hardware – all of which stem from the companies belief that people should be able to use, learn and improve 3D printing hardware and software, for free. This enables users to uniquely modify software and hardware, as well as leverage the industry’s widest range of polymers – bringing imagination to life. 

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