Face of Branding: SIGNAL.csk's Cheryl Farr

Her Denver-based firm is celebrating a decade of success



Face of Branding: Cheryl Farr, Founder & Chief Brand Officer 

SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners 

Throughout 2019, Denver-based branding firm SIGNAL.csk is celebrating 10 years of building accessible, exciting, audience-engaging brands that strengthen brand power and drive real marketplace results.

SIGNAL.csk is an integrated team of brand-passionate strategists, researchers, and creatives who are committed to identifying the activating value in brands that compel consumers to engage — and keep engaging. They work with leaders of growth-minded organizations at home and around the world who value fresh creative thinking, purpose alignment, and the strategic pursuit of excellence. SIGNAL empowers them to co-create their brand story, become strong stewards of their brand assets, and inspire and equip their people to live the brand with contagious enthusiasm.

SIGNAL digs deep into the DNA of an organization, its target audiences, and its competitive set to discover what’s “True, Meaningful, Different™.” Working in partnership with their clients, they transform these revelatory insights into a powerful brand platform and visual, verbal, and behavioral tools that equip the organization to embody their “True, Meaningful, Different” at all brand touchpoints and at every interaction — winning heartshare, mindshare, and walletshare to drive real, sustainable growth.

Claim what’s yours to own in an ever-crowded market. Engage your audiences, those you have and those you want, like never before. Transform your growth goals into brand-driven reality. Signal what you stand for with SIGNAL.csk.

For more information, call 303-482-1910  or go to SIGNALcsk.com.

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