Finally a solution to the trials of multi-city client entertainment

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Whether your business card reads "event planner" or you are just the person charged with planning corporate events for your company, you're aware of the challenges involved with orchestrating client entertainment. On a nationwide scale, those challenges are magnified. 

So your clients are scattered across the country? The positive impact of face-to-face interaction on bottom lines is no trade secret. What might be is how to go about seamlessly conducting events in multiple geographical locations. If you've attempted this, chances are it felt far from seamless.

Let's paint a picture of nationwide corporate event planning. Does some of this ring a bell?

Choosing a backdrop: Deciding on a backdrop for your customer events can prove challenging within itself. You want to set your company apart from your competition while staying within the confines of your entertainment budget. You go back and forth between dinners and happy hours, sip n' paints and rounds of golf. There is so much that goes into the planning that when it comes to the event itself, many event planners tend to stay within the box and fail to generate high attendance. 

Coordinating logistics: Next comes all the little details those who haven't planned professional events probably never think about. Your guests need to eat – what are you feeing them? You sift through so many menus and contact so many catering companies, you don't even have time to eat lunch. You want to include marketing items to promote your business so you spend the rest of the afternoon on the phone with more vendors, meaning more points of contact. Does Harry work for the caterers or is he the screen-printing contact? After a while, keeping track of all those contacts becomes a task within itself.

Sending invites: A customer event without customers is just an event, and a huge waste of your marketing budget. It's time to get those invites our to your guest list. Email invites seem like the way to go, so you attempt to put together a compelling email. You distribute them and hope they don't find a home in your recipients' spam folder.

Managing RSVPs: You wait for the RSVPs to pour in … hopefully. You grasp at a system for managing your list of attendees. Maybe it's an old-fashioned notepad list; maybe it's an email folder. Maybe customers start asking questions about the event via email and that folder becomes more obsolete as you lose track of who said yes, who said maybe, and who just had additional questions. Not to mention you are managing multiple events nationwide.

All of this headache and you are weeks out from your event. You work out of Denver and you have events taking place in Los Angeles, New York and Boston. Customers call you asking for directions but you only know the location of the airport, rental car facility and a hotel.

Getting customers out of the office and in front of your team is a cornerstone of keeping them happy and engaged. But all of this headache might make you ask, isn't there a better way?

Denver-based SuiteHop believes so.

They took note of the challenges associated with large-scale event planning and saw an opportunity to streamline the process for their clients. They've created a turnkey solution to delight customers in multiple zip codes.

SuiteHop's bread and butter is luxury suites at games, concerts and special events. It didn't take their team long to observe similar pain points in customers trying to plan suite events nationwide. Communicating with too many contacts that are often unresponsive was frustrating, catering multiple events was complicated, and managing invites and RSVPs for each event became overwhelming. 

Many of SuiteHop's clients aren't event planners by trade, but are in charge of the strategy behind customer retention and acquisition. SuiteHop's CEO, Tood Lindenbaum wanted to formulate a streamlined way for these clients to plan events in Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and any other city in which their crucial customers reside, simultaneously. 

That's when Suite Tours was born, an integration of the services needed to successfully host multi-city corporate events

The Suite Tours platform boasts custom invitations coupled with the ability to track whether invites end up in recipients' spam folders. RSVP management on the platform allows clients to not only track attendees, but monitor the long-term ROI of their events. In an attempt to mitigate wasted marketing dollars, SuiteHop envisioned a world where clients would actually remember who, and from what company, attended their events. 

Music to the ears of those planning multiple events, Suite Tours offers one point of contact who answers their phone and emails. Through the service, SuiteHop takes charge of ticket deliver to multiple cities, as well as catering and logistics coordination at all venues. Their marketing team will even create marketing materials and ensure they end up at the venue ahead of the event. 

SuiteHop collaborates with venues and teams all over the country. Their expertise of venues in markets nationwide allows them to field guest questions and concerns, from: where do i park – to – how early can I arrive at the venue? Unless of course they want to spend more of your valuable time picking up the phone and calling additional contacts, or worse having to scour the web.

The ultimate goal of Suite Tours?

Simplify multi-city entertainment so you can focus on the main responsibilities of your job. Face-to-face corporate entertainment is a proven strategy. SuiteHop believes it shouldn't be a nuisance.

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