Garage Operation Grows Up to Full-Fledged Manufacturing Company

Thanks to CEO and president, William Mathewson – one of the most influential young professionals of 2019 – WMD flourishes



William Mathewson grew his musical equipment manufacturing company from a garage startup to a worldwide leader using a cutting edge design process and unique manufacturing protocols. And he has fostered a culture of creativity and excellence from his young staff, which has grown to 20 in the last five years.

“William is devoted and fiercely loyal to his employees,” colleague Jay Finesilver says. “He rewards hard work and character whenever he can and motivates his employees with engagement and an attitude of care. WMD is a great place to work because William designed it to be that way.” Each year, the company develops as many as 10 innovative products as well as re-releasing some of the past successful products with a new twist to them.

A free company event, “Freq Boutique,” hosts six performers and an average of 50 spectators on the second Monday of each month. After each performance, the artists interact directly with the audience, discussing techniques, gear used and influences. In the past two years, WMD also has offered tours for college classes and has participated in a variety of music festivals. 

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