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GenXYZ 2014: 25 Most Influential Young Professionals

Impatience is a virtue for these GenXYZ achievers

By Lisa Ryckman

GenXYZ: Matt Rowe, 36

Senior partner Littleton-based Carruthers Group and owner, consulting firm Tuesday

By Maria Martin

GenXYZ: Michael Davis, 35

Attorney, Law Office of Michael R. Davis (MRD Law)

By Nora Caley

GenXYZ: Dalton Sprouse, 33

Chief operating officer, The Center for American Values

By Maria Martin

GenXYZ: Jeremy Atencio, 39

Attorney/partner, BakerHostetler

By Nora Caley

GenXYZ: Saul Garlick, 29

Founder & CEO, ThinkImpact

By Nora Caley

GenXYZ: Shane Gring, 26


By Nora Caley

GenXYZ: Bart Lorang, 34

CEO and co-founder, FullContact Inc.

By Maria Martin

GenXYZ: April Lambatos, 31

Co-owner, Footers Catering

By Maria Martin

Readers Respond

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Fred, it does make me smile when I get those endorsements... Maybe I should be an expert in Project Management... and then I come back down to reality. I believe with phones, iPads and the LinkedIn app, people mistakenly hit buttons they don't intend to hit, or they are clairvoyant and know something I dont! <grin> Thanks for the comment and read. By Shawna simcik on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Shawna, I have been on LinkedIn for a little over 3 years and although I don't use it as a job search tool, I do think the resource is valuable and I have used it primarily as a way of maintaining contact with my many industry colleagues and former colleagues. I too have been "endorsed" for skills that I don't believe I possess, to wit, I have been given multiple endorsements for "Product Management", a function that I have never performed at any point in my career. By Fred Wellers on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Gale - Can I get an AMEN! Thank you for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree that you must have a well written, complete profile on LinkedIn - endorsements or not. Thanks. By Shawna Simcik on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Good article Shawna. As a career coach as well, I agree with your points about endorsements and recommendations - but overall am learning and noticing that the more time a job candidate spends writing a cogent LI profile, joining relevant groups, posting and getting recs and endorsements, etc the more likely he/she is to get noticed by recruiters. By Gale Dunlap on 2015 03 05

Lighten the load with kindness

Thanks, Trina! Kathleen, I just noticed my typo on my Dalai Lama quote. I really should proof my typing! By TC North on 2015 03 03

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