GenXYZ 2015: Jason Sauers

The Equalizer

Jason Sauers

34 | Founder and Chief Executive

When Jason Sauers founded Phidiax, a custom software implementation company, he created a flat employment structure to support equality and ownership while focusing on technology, architecture and client satisfaction. All Phidiax employees are architect-level and owners of the company, which gives the organization the ability to deliver services more efficiently.
    “Through Phidiax, we created an environment that’s culture first, and through that culture realized the technologist is the piece that’s overlooked, and it’s the most important,” Sauers says.

Biggest achievement

“Understanding and practicing that you can’t be great, but you can work really hard to make the people around you great, and that implicitly creates greatness.”

Making an impact

“Recognizing how things operate and coming up with a format that is real to the technologist and real to the client. It’s less of a dog-and-pony show.”

Role model

Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google.

“I read one of his books on artificial intelligence before I went to college. His vision shaped my passion as an engineer.”

Best advice

“Never burn a bridge. If you’re coming or going, always do it gracefully.”


Snowboarding, off-road in the Jeep.

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