GenXYZ 2015: Robert Klamser

The Problem Solver

Robert Klamser 

35 | President and Co-founder
UpShot Services

Rober Klamser revolutionized the bankruptcy process by developing a system for electronic claim and ballot filing that was the first in the nation used in a corporate Chapter 11 proceeding. UpShot SmartSign uses electronic signatures that adhere to federal laws, giving documents the same legal standing as a physical signature. He’s also a believer in community service, serving as a trustee for Paddington Station Preschool and as a board member of the soon-to-be-launched Denver chapter of Steve’s club, a national charity that provides a network of programs through which at-risk or underserved youths can join the CrossFit community at a reduced-, low-, or no-cost structure.

Biggest achievement

“Starting Upshot would be my biggest personal accomplishment, but it also involved my family. We moved from Los Angeles to Denver to start a business in a new city. At the time, it was terrifying, but that’s been a pretty satisfying accomplishment. Our quality of life is so much better.”

Making an impact

“We’ve broken down filing for bankruptcy electronically into incremental steps. It’s easier to file a claim, easier for attorneys and less expensive.”

Role models

Former employers Eric Kurtzman and Jonathan Carson, founders of KCC.

“I was the first employee, and I watched them build from nothing to a company with 300 employees that was sold to a publicly traded company.”

Best advice

“It’s a cliché, but it takes time. Worthwhile results take time.”


“I love being a parent. I’m like a kid grownup. I love spending time with my family.”

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