Get a meal and give a meal this season at The Preservery

The Five Points-based restaurant is feeding people in need
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Photo courtesy of The Preservery

During times of strife, we instinctively focus solely on own survival. The Preservery, like most other restaurants in America, has been in survival mode since the pandemic began.

But it is impossible not to also look outward at all the suffering and economic hardship that has rippled throughout the local community and beyond. In the Five Points neighborhood, where The Preservery is located, there are numerous small communities of people living without shelter, clustered in alleyways and along sidewalks and likely living in near-constant fear of being upended. As the temperatures continue to drop and winter sets in, their situation becomes much more dire.

“I was so struck by an interaction I had, recently, with a guest,” explains co-owner Whitney Ariss. “An older gentleman came into the restaurant asking about the sign we had out front advertising our six-dollar to-go burritos. He was wearing many layers of soiled, worn-out clothing and by all appearances was likely living without shelter. My first instinct was to offer the burrito for free, but when he reached into his pocket and fished out six crumpled dollar bills, I imagined he felt a sense of pride in being able to purchase a meal for himself and I didn’t want to spoil that.” 

Afterwards, Ariss was moved by the feeling of being able to provide affordable nourishment to somebody who was in need. But how many more folks like him were living outside, nearby, and didn’t have six dollars or even one dollar to spend? Soon after, a plan was hatched.

“We are turning our focus to a new goal: Feeding as many people in need, particularly those who are living without shelter in our own neighborhood, as we possibly can,” says Ariss.

How will it work? Starting Saturday, The Preservery will offer one menu item every day that is freshly prepared, hot, nourishing and, of course, delicious. They’re calling them Giving Meals. The offerings will rotate regularly to include soups and stews, mashed potato bowls, burritos and the like. Each purchase of a Giving Meal will equal one free meal to someone in need. For only $12, guests will be able to “get a meal, give a meal.” Those who are feeling generous can purchase a Straight Up Gift meal if they’d simply like to purchase a meal outright. 

“So many of us drive by these encampments, which can be found all over the city, that are full of people living without shelter and we think, ‘I wish I could help.’” Says Ariss. “This is a really simple and affordable way to do that. We hope it resonates with folks in our neighborhood, and the greater Denver area, who care as much as we do about building community through food.”

Want to help? Call (303) 298-6821 or come by The Preservery to purchase a Giving Meal or a Straight Up Gift Meal.

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