Get answers to your sustainability biz questions

As the former executive director of CORE – Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy – Graham Russell was at the forefront of helping Colorado businesses understand how sustainability could drive innovation, cost savings, recruiting and competitive advantage.

“More and more companies are setting up green teams or they’re charging someone to lead a green team and initiate sustainability programs,” Russell says. “And they get very excited about it. Then they realize they don’t really know where to start and how to engage the rest of the organization in the process.”

Russell wants to help.

He’s enlisted the help of ColoradoBiz to create, a peer-to-peer network that will enable those involved in conceiving and managing sustainability initiatives to ask questions of other industry professionals.  (Watch an interview with Graham Russell.)

Here’s how you can ask your question:

1. Go to, click on sign up, enter an e-mail address and password
2. Submit a question, following the instructions
3. An e-mail summarizing your question, along with other questions, will be circulated to others who’ve signed-up and may be in a position to answer, based on their experience, knowledge, networks, etc.
4. Want to know more? Use the navigation buttons to view sample questions, or to read more about works.

As companies develops their sustainability processes, they’ll be in the best position to offer advice to others, Russell believes: “ provides a vehicle where anybody who is charged with creating and implementing sustainability initiatives can put up requests for information or questions to a community of peers and sustainability experts and get quick, relevant answers directly back.”

ColoradoBiz Publisher Bart Taylor sees value in providing a nontraditional publishing proposition to helping the business community.

“Sustainability is a popular business topic, and there’s more and more information in print and online to help professionals reshape their companies. And much of it is high-value,” he says. “But here we’re tapping into something different — the wisdom of the crowd. And it’s a dialogue we’d like to encourage and facilitate between peers. Graham’s the ideal moderator for a conversation on this topic. We’re committed to helping any way we can.”
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