GitPrime Encourages Smarter, Not Harder Work

The Durango-based technology company anticipates doubling its employee count in 2018



By 2019, there will be 26 million professional software developers around the planet, according to Evans Data Corp. And though computer programming is fundamentally a quantifiable discipline, companies are often at a loss for statistical information about the progress made on engineering teams.

Until now.

Durango startup GitPrime has successfully substituted gut feelings and anecdotal evidence with objective data, providing productivity analytics for software teams and CTOs to observe and evaluate the status of projects. 


Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, GitPrime is able to analyze 70 million code check-ins from more than 85,000 professional software developers, helping customers set targets to understand how their organizations compare with peers and competitors. This allows GitPrime customers to move faster and change tactics with more responsiveness.

Officially launched in 2014, GitPrime had its first paying customer in 2015. At the end of that year, the Western Slope company ventured to Silicon Valley to participate in the Y Combinator seed accelerator.

Fast-forward, and to date, GitPrime has more than 300 paying customers and 2017 revenue growth of 400 percent, which it expects to triple this year.

“We allow them to code smarter, not harder,” Thompson says.

In April, GitPrime announced its $10.5 million series A financing led by OpenView.

HIRING? YES. GitPrime intends to double its employee count in 2018.

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