Good habits close more sales

Your mindset controls your paycheck

Successful selling begins with a successful mindset. The right mindset is built on the right habits. Habits form the foundation for high performance. High performance produces outstanding results. It’s what separates the winners from the under achievers.

There is compelling evidence on how properly ingrained habits can transform a business. I’m surprised how few actually follow this money making practice.  Employing these habits will have life changing results.

We all know people who achieve the results they crave by practicing great habits and rituals. They set a goal and immediately leap into action to see it come alive.  Everyone has the same ability to create good habits. Some never tap into that source of that power. 

Without properly ingrained habits, it's highly unlikely you’ll reach your desired goals in your time frame. Creating good business habits is critical to propel your business forward with great swiftness.

Top performers constantly learn new skills and pertinent knowledge. They apply this in a consistent search to optimize performance. They constantly seek to test new approaches and ideas. They are always improving through trial and error.

They prepare for every call and meeting. They ask themselves questions like, “Am I fully prepared for the meeting? What do I need to do to make this effective for everyone involved? Am I showing up at my best? Am I present, ready and focused?”

The top performers in any field are always learning. They look for ways to improve, and learn new skills. They develop new strategies. They have an innate curiosity about the world, especially how it relates to their clients. They read industry journals, blogs, magazines and websites. They stay current on the latest best-selling practices. To be a top performer you need to commit to your own personal and professional growth through lifetime learning. “Unless you do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.” – Ronald E. Osborne

We’re all creatures of habit. Most of life is habitual. You do the same things you did today, the next day and the next decade. You generally have a daily automatic routine of habits and rituals you tend to follow without much thought.

What is not automatic are new habits. The ones you practice and develop to be successful. The habits that are necessary to grow your business need to become automatic. Habits are meaningless until you’re willing to ingrain them as part of your process. Repeat them over and over again. 

Whether you realize it or not, you’re currently using a set of habits and rituals to run your business.  Are those habits moving you closer to your goal, further from your goal or keeping you stuck in neutral?  Not sure? Check your results. Your bottom line has all the evidence.

You can develop any habit you wish if you want it bad enough. All you need to do is become your own self-motivator. Take the actions. Create the results.  You can motivate yourself into action.

Successful selling begins with a successful mindset.

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