Haselden Construction Builds Up Colorado with Quality Craftsmanship and Innovation

Founded in 1973, the family-owned company's values haven't changed in more than four decades

“We often say that we’re a family business and a business family,” says Haselden Construction CEO Byron Haselden. He’s a third-generation Coloradan, and he considers himself a second-and-a-half generation owner of the full-service construction company his father founded in 1973.

There’s a big age gap between Byron and his older brothers, Ed and Mike Haselden, former chief executives who guide the family business today as board members, while some of their adult children work alongside their youngest brother.

After eight years as president, Byron Haselden officially took over Haselden Construction in 2014. A lot has changed under his leadership, but the company’s core values haven’t budged. In fact, Haselden says his company’s “competitive edge” is its “strong family culture.”

That’s something that tends to get lost as companies grow. “Not too many construction companies are still truly family-owned. I think we have to be one of the last,” Haselden says.

He’s worked for Haselden Construction since he was 13, and has done just about everything. “I know what it’s like to have to get dirty, and to be out there on cold days,” he says.

First-hand experience is a huge asset when it comes to directing a company you can be proud of — one that’s focused on taking care of its team members while uplifting the whole industry with quality craftsmanship and plenty of innovation.

“A lot of companies say they take good care of their team members, but it’s really true at Haselden,” Haselden says, rattling off an impressive list of company-wide events and a heartfelt cookie exchange tradition started decades ago by his brother.

The company has more than 400 employees spread across its four offices in Centennial, Glenwood Springs, Fort Collins and Laramie, Wyoming. Half of its skilled workers are “in craft,” Haselden says, pointing to carpenters, concrete finishers and laborers proficient with pneumatic and hand tools.

“We do a lot of self-perform,” he says, meaning his company is directly responsible for all of the critical construction components in a project. “We really call ourselves
builders,” Haselden adds, noting that his dad started his career as a carpenter. “I take a lot of pride in my work.”

That kind of care pays off. Haselden Construction averages $300 million to $350 million in revenue annually and is usually in the top 5 to 10 percent for volume of construction companies servicing the Rocky Mountain region. Innovation is another point of distinction, Haselden says. “We really treasure all of the creative ways of constructing buildings, and we’re currently
leading the industry in prefabrication.”

Haselden and the six-member Executive Leadership Team (ELT) lead the day-to-day management of the firm, ensuring that the family business continues to thrive. In turn, the ELT is held accountable by the board of directors, which includes elder brothers Ed and Mike Haselden, who hold the chairman and vice chairman positions, respectively. Infinite wisdom, close guidance, unending support and a little ribbing help their youngest sibling grow the family business as it embarks on its 45th year in 2018.

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