Here's to the awesome power of goal-setting

A life-changing challenge in Castle Rock

My wife and I like to walk, and since we live in Castle Rock, we have been trying out all the walking and hiking places we think we can manage in the area. Earlier this summer, we found ourselves at a new outdoor rec center called the MAC (Miller Activity Center). We parked in front of a huge new building and went inside to find all manner of strenuous activity, like trampolines, an indoor pool, synthetic-turf field, batting cages and a golf simulator.

Wandering back outdoors, we saw the 200-stair challenge hill. When I first looked at it I thought, “This being my 80th year, I could never do that,” and then I heard someone yelling with joy and accomplishment as he soared over my head on a zip line (the MAC boasts the longest, highest and fastest zip line in Colorado.)

My wife says to me, “Let’s go over and see how many of those stairs we can climb.” I started to tell her all the stuff she already knows about my back surgery and my atrial fib and my neuropathy … but she just started for the stairs, and I followed. 

The first time we made it up and down 20 stairs, but we decided it would be our goal over the summer to get to the top. It took us about eight times while we practiced at home on our lower level stairs, and we walked farther on our daily walks. When we finally made it to the top, I felt more energized than I have felt in years. The people at the top when we got there took almost as much pride in us as we did, taking selfies and sharing fist bumps.

This experience has affected us in a profound way. It has us doing all sorts of things I thought we couldn’t do anymore. It has me more involved, more concerned and more interested than I’ve been in a long time.

Probably nothing is more important to a person than goals. Others judge you, join you or avoid you based on your goals.

So set some goals, personal and professional … and get out to Castle Rock and check out the MAC.

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