How a Train Could Solve Restaurants’ Employee Crisis [VIDEO]

Behind the Biz: Shevy Rashida, founder of Sauce Family Eateries, on how transportation could help restaurants better retain and find employees.

Throughout the state, primarily in resort towns, the high prices and shortage of housing is posing a problem to the towns’ restaurant operators: they are having a hard time finding and retaining employees.

Shevy Rashida, the managing partner and founder of Sauce Family Eateries, is well aware of this problem. In this video, Rashia talks to videographer/interviewer Scott Cowperthwaite about how transportation, specifically a train, could help solve this problem.

Sauce Family Eateries is both a Colorado restaurant and catering company with restaurant concepts in Keystone, Silverthorne, Breckenridge and Vail, with one coming soon in Denver.

Rashida himself lives in Keystone and discusses with Cowperthwaite how resort towns could benefit from a mountain train, the similarities between housing in Colorado and New York and what the government needs to do to make this happen.

And if the government can’t figure it out? Rashida jokes that maybe it’s a problem for Thomas the Tank Engine and friends.

This interview was conducted by Scott Cowperthwaite as part of a new series with ColoradoBiz, "Behind the Biz,” in which Cowperthwaite profiles Colorado companies on location, asking questions and telling stories that get to the heart of what makes each business tick.

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