How does Colorado stack up in the hard cider industry? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A by-the-numbers breakdown of cider statistics in Colorado

In Colorado, we're not shy about booze – and not just gulping it down, but crafting and concocting it, as well.

Dating back to Adolph Coors, the beer business has been hot and the buzz of craft breweries has only increased the frequency with which thirsty locals are indulging in the fermented beverage in recent years. Moreover, the craft spirit industry hit its stride in the Centennial State, with popular brands such as Leopold Brothers and Woody Creek Distillers reeling drinkers in.

But if something else strikes your fancy, perhaps the crisp bite, tart, fruity flavor and effervescent fizz of hard cider might become your drink of choice.

Cider has become one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverages in the market, growing at a rate comparable to that of craft beer a decade ago.

In Denver, there are three cider houses: C Squared Ciders, Colorado Cider Co., and Stem Ciders, the last of which has recently outgrown its River North cidery-tap room, and broke ground on a new $7 million Lafayette facility.

In Old Town Fort Collins, Summit Hard Cider & Perry Co. opened in 2012 inside Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar and Pub, introducing the northern Colorado crowd and (of-age) college kids to the local cider flavors, from blueberry lavender to chocolate cherry.

On the Western Slope, Williams Cellars took up cider three-and-a-half years ago and was acquired last year by Branch Out Cider, a community orchard for Colorado residents with apple trees to contribute.

The truth is in the numbers. Learn more about this sippable treat below: Colorado Hard Cider Industry Growth

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