How Mobile Solutions helps cut down on wireless spending

This Colorado Company to Watch has a three-pronged approach

Mobile Solutions Services

Centennial – – Founded: 2008

With more than 1.3 billion mobile workers around the globe today, companies are seeking new ways to manage communication tools for faraway employees. Mobile Solutions helps enterprises eliminate excess wireless spending through a combination of advanced analytics software, wireless device and rate-plan experts.

With dramatic growth, the company is looking to rise to the challenge with its Mobile Expense Management (MEM) platform. The cloud-based portal aims to save clients’ money on their wireless spend, to date saving close to $100 million, while providing increased visibility and optimization of mobile expenses to benefit business customers’ IT and finance departments. Another side-effect to the growth in mobile device usage is the time and expense required to manage related costs. Mobile Solutions eliminates the challenge of reviewing multiple invoices from multiple carriers, or logging into multiple accounts to manage various employee devices and plans.

KEEP WATCHING: With the growth Mobile Solutions has experienced, the company likely will move to a larger office this year.

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