How to flip cravings into contentment:

Addictions and cravings in life have many different faces, yet the same result: they block your ability to remember that you can choose your response to life which at many times involves seeking out the appropriate assistance that supports your desire to show up with the best version of yourself.

According to Webster, an addiction is to give oneself over to a strong habit, and a craving is to long for something eagerly. “I need to have this thing, outcome or person in order to feel relief, calm or momentary peace within,” is a common thought linked to addictions and cravings. Unhealthy cravings in life flow from an unsatisfied state of being.

Honoring the physiological component of a craving is also an important ingredient to over­coming the “eagerly longing for” moments in life. Low serotonin levels have been linked to physical challenges, including migraines, depression, lack of concentration and insomnia. Your body makes serotonin from tryptophan. Where do you get tryptophan? Sugars/Carbohydrates… not a good choice and the results often times are more cravings… “I can’t just have one cookie; I need to devour the entire sleeve!”… Of course you do, sugar is addicting; as are carbs.

Don’t stress yourself out when you observe this kind of behavior in your life. Just know your body is trying to balance itself. You play a major part in that process by choosing healthy foods that satisfy your body’s need for the essential amino acid, tryptophan, in order to boost your serotonin levels. Help your body help you. Go for the turkey, cottage cheese, black eyed-peas, eggs and almonds. Put organic honey and wheat germ over some cottage cheese. You will find that your addictions and cravings around food will be replaced by inner balance and peace as your serotonin levels are balanced due to healthy choices. Honor any allergies to food that you may have and choose foods that maximize your optimal health.

Also, be aware of the emotional component woven into an addiction or craving in life. Just as the sugar will momentarily satisfy your body’s craving for the tryptophan, the emotional high that you have given yourself over to, in order to feel good about you, will invariably be followed by an equal low.

What have you given yourself over to in life? Do any of these longings sound familiar?

In order to feel good about me or safe in this world I need:

·      To have certain material things

·      To be heard and understood, right and accepted.

·      To have an obsessive order around me

·      Words of affirmation, affection and acknowledgment

·      Certain foods/drinks

·      Perfection from myself, others or both

Beware of the attachment craze in life. Remember, an attachment is an emotional state of clinging due to the belief that without some particular person, thing or outcome you cannot be happy. It’s cyclical. The thrill of getting that which you are attached to is followed closely behind by the anxiety that comes from the fear that you will lose that which you are attached to.

Try this: Take one day at a time and practice living without attachment to the work of your hands. Do what you do and then let it go and embrace the moment in front of your face. Replace unhealthy cravings with a behavior that supports your body’s ability to show up and support the person you want to be in this world.