How to overcome fear, Step 6: Fearless focus

Upon completing the sixth and final step of this process, go after all you aim to achieve

What’s the benefit of overcoming fear? It allows you to create greater success, inner peace and happiness, of course.

This is Step 6 – the final phase – to eliminating your fear. When you master anxiety using the first five steps you unblock the fears and beliefs that limit your success and happiness. Once unblocked, you can focus on this sixth step, which is to have a fearless focus.

As a refresher, here are the six steps to master fear:

Can you imagine having fewer of the “Big four fears:”





If you diligently applied the first five steps of this technique to one of your fears, it’s likely you can significantly reduce that fear.

Fear is a form of energy (see Graph 1). Let’s define fear on a continuum of energy that can help you be your best. Combining the positive energy of excitement with the negative energy of fear can put you “in the zone,” fostering peak performance, as illustrated by Graph 2.

When you master the fears that hold you back, you’re likely to experience greater success and happiness. The goal is to focus on what you want, without blocking your success.

Having completed the first five steps, you’re ready to begin Step 6.

Step 6: Have a fearless focus.

If the fear you’ve been working on overcoming wasn’t holding you back, what’s one goal you would you have? Create a positive image of it and see, hear and feel achieving what you want. Repeat, repeat, repeat …

Remember that being fearless doesn’t actually mean having no fear. It means being in control and using the energy to help you create success.

Notice in Graph1 that excitement and fear are the same energy and that energy can have a positive charge (excitement) or a negative change (anxiety). Enthusiasm is the positive pole and dread is the negative pole of the same energy. You don’t have to be afraid of the fear; mobilize it to become more positive. Please see the peak performance graph below (Graph 2).

Your energy in the flow state, where you’re at peak performance is a blend of the two forms of energy – excitement and fear. Ultimately, this energy can serve you. For example, we can use atomic energy to illuminate our homes or blow up cities. How you use energy is your choice.

The sixth and final step of this process: To create a fearless focus and path to accomplishing your goals – mobilize your fear and your excitement. Now go after what you want!

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