How to Write the Perfect Resume for High-Level Positions

Put your best foot forward with these strategies to showcase your skills

What to write in a resume differs depending on the position one is applying for, and this is especially true of executive roles. Resumes for IT leadership roles, chief innovation officers, finance executives, chief financial officers, marketing officers, and others, need to clearly support why individuals are perfect for the competitive positions they are seeking. 

Here are resume-building tips for executives, and the best ways to incorporate key points. 


The key difference for creating an effective technology leadership or CIO executive resume is to integrate human capital management skills and fiscal acumen along with technical hardware, software, cloud solution experience. Here are two things to keep in mind as you tailor your resume for IT leadership opportunities:

  1. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH: Make sure to include web and social media links on your resume. IT executives who have little to no presence on the internet, or worse, a poor presence on the web, demonstrate that either they are not a lover of technology or that they are a poor promoter of their strengths.
  2. GRAVITATE FROM TACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION TO STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVE: Be sure to showcase your corporate contributions to top line, expense line items, workflow productivity and the bottom line. Outline initiatives where you have added value and projects that you have led that achieved results.


Successful finance executives and CFOs use their resumes as marketing collateral to position themselves as engaging leaders that are ahead of the pack. Making your resume visually stand out is the best way to make a strong first impression as an effective CFO. Here are two key points to create an effective branded resume:

  1. FOCUS ON CONTEXT: Talking about your biggest achievement is not always best strategy. For example, if you saved $15 million on one initiative while with a $200 million employer, but you are now applying to a $20 million firm, you may be perceived as overqualified. Choose achievements that are within the fiscal scope of the prospective company, or consider using percentages to outline your accomplishments.
  2. DOWNPLAY FINANCIAL JARGON: Outline your financial and human capital achievements in universal language and not just financial jargon.


As a CMO or senior marketing executive, you need to show you are a market share acquisition strategist for new and existing products and services. Demonstrate how you gain and sustain new client relationships. Prove you can expand and nurture existing key client relationships.

  1. USE A CONTEMPORARY LAYOUT: It's important to show that you understand the power of visual marketing. Walk the walk by having your own personal marketing documents and current resume with ideas and tools.
  2. DEMONSTRATE SUCCESS BY BLENDING TRADITIONAL + PROGRESSIVE STRATEGIES: Marketers have a grip on how to use tactics to reach niche audiences in a multitude of ways.
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