In Englewood, New Collar Goods Produces Streamlined Furniture

Deana and Jon Ketchum's move prompted starting a manufacturing company

NEW COLLAR GOODS  |  Product: Home + Lifestyle  |  Made in: Englewood

"We moved from New York with not much in the way of furniture or much of anything," Jon says. "We started making furniture we liked …" 

"And we could afford," Deana says. 

"We don't have a lot of stuff,” Jon says, “but the stuff we do have is important.” 

The philosophy carries over to New Collar Goods. Before he and Deana started the company, Jon was working in graphic design with a number of craft breweries among his clients. "That led me into fabrication," he says. 

The Ketchums developed a line of furnishings made of steel and wood that pack flat for shipping. "We don't want to build throwaway items," Jon says. "Materials are expensive, and so is our time." 

Deana says the style is built around clean lines and simplicity. Tables are a top-selling category, and the line also includes chairs and serving boards. Sleek triangular planters "are getting a lot of attention," she adds. "They can be nestled into a corner or nested together." 

Jon describes a big challenge when it comes to growth. "We're just two people, and we've hit our working capacity in terms of how much we can produce in a year," he says. "How do you grow without expanding your team?" 

One way is to streamline production processes. Another is to expand into corollary areas like wood-working education. Jon also touts an as-yet-unannounced collaboration with another local manufacturer, adding, "We're really into how we can stay small and offer more. The thing we love at the end of the day is design."

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