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Denver startup wages a battle against waste

Remark allows consumers to search for a business and generate a thoughtful email featuring sustainability feedback in less than a minute. We then deliver your email to the business owner or the CEO and connect that business with free resources to make a switch in their operations.

Economy & Politics

5 lessons in rural economic development

At the bottom of the recession, the community grappled with 11% unemployment, which resulted in high crime and poverty rates and significant loss of workforce-aged population. A decade later, Grand Junction is thriving despite a global pandemic. Here are 5 takeaways from Grand Junction’s turnaround that can be replicated in any community

What to expect in the franchise sector

With employment on the rise, many franchise systems will hire employees to meet the pent-up demand from consumers who are ready to venture out to their favorite restaurants and retail venues again despite stricter mandates. Here are two predictions of trends in the franchise industry that will continue through 2021 and beyond.

Diversity in Higher Education

Diversity on college campuses enriches a student’s educational experience as they learn from people whose culture and beliefs are different from their own, but recruiting students of color and making sure their college experience is a fulfilling one takes some effort.

Real Estate

Does marijuana legalization affect Colorado's home values?

A 2021 study found that, between April 2017 and April 2021, home property values increased by $17,113 more in states where recreational marijuana is legal, compared to states where marijuana is illegal or limited to medicinal use. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that contributed to that significant change in value. 


How traffic engineering makes your community safer

A lot of care and planning goes into selecting the best intersection or roadway type for a specific location and creating the most efficient traffic flow possible. The process of planning, designing, and implementing these intersections and roadways is called traffic engineering.

The railroad less taken

The celebration for the 50th anniversary of the scenic railroad was put on hold, as was the unveiling of Rio Grande 168, a steam locomotive that sat in Antlers Park in Colorado Springs for decades.


How environmentalism and the oil and gas industry can coexist

Land reclamation and restoration is the process of reclaiming and restoring the land in and around an oil and gas site, pipeline, or mining location after extraction is complete. A Reclamation Plan is being required by more and more state and federal agencies as part of a surface use plan of operation, including in Colorado where reclamation is required by the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).

Solar co-ops on the rise in Denver

Going solar is a great way to get affordable, reliable electricity for decades. Right now is a particularly good time to go solar, as COVID-19 relief legislation recently passed by Congress extends the Investment Tax Credit for solar, so business owners can recoup 26 percent of what they spend on solar systems installed this year or next.

Healthcare & Wellness

Funerals in the COVID Age, Part II

When you have lost someone you love your days can be an emotional, grief-filled fog, and having to deal with the cost and the multiple decisions associated with planning a funeral can add considerable stress. Here are ways to prepare for this difficult time.

Workplace wellness put to the test

While frontline and essential workers worried about their physical health, isolation and loneliness affected nine-to-fivers during a historic rise in remote working. Employees in every sector dealt with financial insecurity due to widespread layoffs and pay cuts.

Travel, Tourism, and Recreation

Your 2021 Executive Golf Guide

The game that annually reports flat participation suddenly experienced an overall rise of 20% in rounds and revenue. Nationally, it’s estimated that 500,000 newbies took up the game. “The pandemic,” said Colorado Golf Association executive director Ed Mate, “was golf’s stimulus plan. No one saw this one coming. Now the question is: Can we keep it up, or is this just going to be a blip and we retreat back to business as usual?”

2021 Outdoor Industries Report

Colorado companies that supply outdoor recreation equipment and products experienced a year of peaks and valleys in 2020 trying to hold on during pandemic-influenced disruptions of production and supply chains.

The unwritten rules of golf for beginners

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the pros at Denver Golf share some tips for anyone who enjoys the game of golf. No matter where you live in Denver, you will find one of our outstanding courses close to you.


Pandemic accelerates direct-to-consumer farm sales

Around 7 million additional U.S. households turned directly to producers in 2020. Experts say that growth in direct agricultural sales across the state could benefit the industry long term due to the increase in consumer knowledge and appreciation of local food production. Plus, a collection of resources to connect farmers, ranchers directly to consumers.

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