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Can AI solve the engineer shortage?

While every business can benefit from improved productivity and efficiency, in any industry that relies on software development, these improvements are critical steps that must be taken to survive.

3 technology trends that are changing small business

These key trends indicate that technology has become intertwined with our daily work lives, and that’s not changing any time soon. The good news is that many technologies have been available for long enough that a main barrier to entry for small businesses — cost — is not as much of a factor as it used to be.

Economy & Politics

How the world could better handle black swan events in the future

Success in the modern world requires a clear and rehearsed national and global plan of action. Unfortunately, despite warnings from people like President G.W. Bush in 2005, Bill Gates in 2015 and many health experts around the world, our response to this black swan has been to bury our collective head in the sand.

It's time to embrace the changing world of economic development

The focus in economic development appears to be shifting. It’s not jobs per se that set off the economic development dynamic. It’s putting more money in peoples’ pockets, especially after taxes and housing costs. In some cases, this may be better-paying jobs, and in other cases, it might be part-time earnings or health benefits.

Real Estate

The impact of COVID-19 on Colorado real estate

Though real estate transactions have been deemed essential by the state government, open houses and showings are banned. It’s a tough environment to do business in, and sellers know it: A record 761 listings were pulled from the market in March. What does this mean for the future of real estate in Colorado?



Healthcare & Wellness

3 Telehealth Tips Connected to COVID-19

Telehealth may be especially helpful as an initial option for medical advice related to COVID-19 and to help evaluate other possible health issues, as well as to assist the 20% of the U.S. population that lives in rural areas. To help people more effectively take advantage of this technology during the evolving COVID-19 situation, here are three tips to consider.

Travel, Tourism, and Recreation


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