Investing in Colorado and delivering premium CBD

Kyoto Botanicals is a Best For Colorado company creating and providing premium quality, clean, all-natural CBD products

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Kyoto Botanicals is a Best For Colorado company creating and providing premium quality, clean, all-natural CBD products.

Their products range from gummies to body balm to dog treats. Their goal is to create and deliver the highest quality CBD products possible.

As a completely self-funded company Kyoto Botanicals is able to make independent and ethical decisions about every part of their products creation and sale.

We spoke with PR Manager Emily Tracy about Kyoto Botanicals commitment to high quality production and doing business better.

Kyotobotanicals Emily Tracy

Best For Colorado: How long has your company been Best for Colorado?

Emily Tracy: We became a Best For Colorado Company in February 2020, so a little more than a year.

B4CO: Tell us more about your company in general. What do you do? What is your mission? What makes you different?

ET: Colorado-based Kyoto Botanicals provides handcrafted CBD products with premium full-spectrum hemp extract and organic botanical ingredients. Currently, Kyoto’s product line offers everything from tinctures, gummies, body oil, body balmand face serum, to dog treats. The founders experienced firsthand the incredible power of the hemp plant and its associated phytocannabinoids in its ability to improve lives and restore hope to people and families that had little hope left. Their stories changed them forever, and they knew that their future would be dedicated to creating and delivering the highest quality CBD products possible.

Kyoto’s diverse co-founders include Mark Gillilan who previously worked as the director of marketing at Colorado’s Charlotte’s Web, the largest CBD company in the country and Ron Morrow, a Colorado entrepreneur who is a business leader in Longmont and a passionate advocate for hemp. Charlotte’s Web developed a high CBD, low THC strain of cannabis that helped many families find hope and quality of life they couldn’t elsewhere. Their story made global headlines as it was pivotal in the progressive THC and CBD legislation that we know today.

B4CO: How did your company first hear about Best for Colorado, and why did you decide to join?

ET: I was sent an email via ColoradoBiz! The CBD industry is so wildly competitive, as you can imagine, but not every CBD company operates under good principles. Kyoto Botanicals is able to create premium quality, clean, all-natural products without compromise.

B4CO: What is a challenging aspect of your work?

ET: We are completely funded by ourselves with no outside investors. However, we are proudly independent. With no outside investors or outside voices, we can provide the highest-quality CBD products. We don’t have to make compromises to make shareholders happy.

B4CO: What is an achievement your company is proud of?

ET: We are entirely based in Colorado with our grow, processing, bottling and distribution in facilities-owned and run by us, so we keep all of our investment in our communities.

B4CO: Why would you recommend joining Best for Colorado to other companies?

ET: Both ColoradoBiz and The Alliance Center are doing incredible things for the state. Many of our clients are in the agricultural space (Boulder County Farmers Market, ORIGIN Milk, etc.)–both of which benefit greatly from having ColoradoBiz and The Alliance Center in their corners!

Best for Colorado is a program of The Alliance Center. It allows Colorado companies to measure and improve their social and environmental impact, regardless of where they are on their corporate social responsibility journey. Best for Colorado offers programming and tools for all Colorado companies, including B Corps, to improve their practices and connect participating companies with local resources, education and support.

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