Is content king or killer?

How do you make your content relevant and rich but simple and to the point?

Limiting what you write can often be the key to a better brand experience. In the case of impactful brand experiences, less is frequently more. Great design experiences are all about simplicity, ease of understanding and lasting impressions.

Apple® exemplifies how a company can lead the consumer through their entire brand experience with minimal content. From website, to in-store experience, all the way to how their products are packaged.

When someone is faced with an overwhelming amount of content to sort through the experience can be less than pleasant and may be memorable in the wrong way (think verbose and overwhelming). However, we all know that the Google bots still need something to sink their teeth into – relevant and rich content that drives people to your website.

So how do we find a middle ground that satisfies both needs?

Be concise. Bold, bullet and have a reason for everything

Hierarchy and communication structure is essential to keeping the viewer interested. As opposed to writing long-winded, run-on sentences of filler and fluff, it’s important to ask yourself the following: 

  • What is the purpose of the piece? Is it to inform and educate?
  • What are you trying to get the reader to do? Be driven to a specific action?
  • What should the reader walk away with? Renewed awareness of the brand?

In today’s society the public is familiar with content being delivered in small, bite-sized, easily digestible chunks. Use this knowledge to guide your writing and help break down a lengthy and potentially unreadable article into one readers can easily absorb. Something that tempts the reader into viewing, allows them to engage at a level that suits them and ultimately gives them something to walk away with.

Another guideline is to utilize an appropriate amount of content per the medium you are operating in. Twitter versus email. Website versus banner ad. Brochure versus billboard. Each medium has a different purpose with a different length of engagement from the reader and should be utilized as such. Using the right messages in the right places can direct your audience through a communications path in the most beneficial way.

Hire a copywriter

Good writing not only captures and maintains audience attention, but also consistently delivers on and reinforces the tone of your brand. D+i Creative often creates messaging suggestions and tone guidelines as part of an overall brand guidelines document, but it is essential that these attributes are applied in a smart and consistent way to establish a strong brand voice.

If you don’t have the ability to do this in-house, it’s smart to hire someone to do it for you and do it well. Whether the need is to maintain an online voice across social media platforms or to establish structure and tone through a brochure or your website copy, having someone on board who is intimately connected to your brand voice will ensure successful copy. This copy tells the right story while delivering on your brand promise and marketplace differentiators.

Copywriters can come in many forms, from an independent contractor with specialization in an industry vertical to a social media content creator within a PR firm and everything in between.

Be sure to choose the appropriate match for your need.

Succinctly Put

To avoid the risk of making my own mistakes I’ll wrap this up and leave you with this: Good content is always better than more content. Hire the right people. Be thoughtful, purposeful and leave your audience wanting more.

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