It’s a new business year

Anybody who owns their own business is being challenged in ways unknown since the Great Depression. Our challenges are commensurate with our strengths, and we are strong. If we were not strong, we would not be in business for ourselves.

In 2012, we are fighting back. We are going to take control of our own destinies. In 2012, we are going to:

• Take care of our employees, our vendors, our customers and ourselves.
• Begin to diversify our wealth and in the future not concentrate all of our wealth in our businesses.
• Make a contingency plan in the even of our death or illness.
• Get debt free and stay that way.
• Show constant appreciation to our key employees.
• Get balance back in our lives.
• Act like we own our business not like our business owns us.
• Make a living and a life.
• Get out of bunker mentality.
• Work on our businesses as well as in our businesses.
• Quit being fee adverse; seek the advice of quality advisors.
• Improve the bottom line by spending less.
• Let our customers and/or clients know all of the things that we can do for them
• Ask our customers and/or clients what we need to do to make it simpler to do business with us.
• Do what we say we are going to do.
• Say please and thank you to everyone.
• Forget common sense, it is time for imagination.
• Systemize our businesses.
• Never forget that our future is far greater than our past.
• Focus on relationships.
• Forget about yesterday, do not think about tomorrow and just focus on today.
• Concentrate on what we have to work with, not what is missing.
• Always stay calm, polite and professional.
• Strive to be different from everyone else.
• Make a difference in peoples lives,
• Get back on our customer and/or clients agenda, not on ours.
• Respect our customers and/or clients time.
• Only deal with people that I like.
• Continue to dream.
• Thrive on change.
• Remember that no only means not yet.
• Never compromise our standards.
• Never abandon our goals.
• Listen more than I talk.
• Quit talking about our failures.
• Walk in our customer and/or clients shoes.
• Concentrate only on what is important.

There is always a purpose in what is going on in our lives. Make the negatives into positives. The purpose of this downturn in our economy is to help us realize what great opportunities we still have and how good we really are. Go out and make 2012 the best year ever

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