Jason Dalbey wants to help you move [VIDEO]

Behind the Biz: Plus, tour a 5,000-square-foot Cherry Creek home under construction

There’s a lot of stress that comes with buying and selling property, which is why Jason Dalbey, real estate agent, developer at The Dalbey Group, leverages a number of programs to help homeowners through the process.

The Dalbey Group is affiliated with Compass and as such offers its clients two Compass programs — the Bridge program and the Compass Concierge. Dalbey discusses both of these programs with videographer/interviewer Scott Cowperthwaite in the video above.

Watch Dalbey and Cowperthwaite as they talk about The Dalbey group and tour an active construction site in Cherry Creek. The site, the most recent of Dalbey’s development sites, will transform into a 5,000-square feet home with five bedrooms, an attached three-car garage, with an elevator to all four floors.

This interview was conducted by Scott Cowperthwaite as part of a new series with ColoradoBiz, “Behind the Biz,” in which Cowperthwaite profiles Colorado companies on location, asking questions and telling stories that get to the heart of what makes each business tick.

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