Josh Oqueli celebrates the process of architecture

Josh Oqueli is one of the Top 25 Young Professionals of 2020

Photo by Jeff Nelson.

Josh Oqueli, 39

Principal, founder & CFO | Bonsai Design + Build


His company name says it all: Josh Oqueli doesn’t just design great structures — he builds them, too.

“As an architect, the most rewarding part of this profession is being able to witness your design come to fruition,” he says. “As a builder, I get to experience that times two.”

Oqueli focuses on sustainability that goes beyond solar panels, so-called “passive” design that includes structurally insulated panels to reduce energy consumption and HVAC devices that focus on one room at a time rather than the entire house. A former Marine and community college instructor, Oqueli willingly tackles smaller interior renovations because they are one of the most sustainable practices within architecture.

Recipe for success: “Set your mind to something and stay persistently after it. Never give up.”

Hear from Oqueli himself about his path to success:

This article is part of the ColoradoBiz Magazine’s 2020 Top 25 Young Professionals.
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