Krista Morgan: Fired Up to Fund Entrepreneurs

The founder and CEO of P2Binvestor, a GenXYZ honoree, aims to revolutionize how young, high growth companies access growth capital



Morgan founded, funded and leads P2Bi, the largest marketplace lender in the nation. The company offers a unique technology platform and plans to launch a new fintech-bank partnership program that will revolutionize how young, high growth companies access growth capital.    

“I know how passionate she is about the startup community and its ability to solve large problems,” colleague Molly Berger says. “Helping other entrepreneurs find success is what lights her on fire.”

Morgan has been a sponsor and speaker at Women Who Startup since inception and co-hosted the Women Who Startup podcast as a way to share her knowledge of starting a company with the greater community. Morgan also is an angel investor in a few women-led ventures and supports several other community organizations including Naturally Boulder, New Hope Network, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver Small Business Development Center, Rockies Venture Club and Young Entrepreneurs Council.

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