Kristin Myren is a driving force in promoting health care access

Kristin Myren is one of the Top 25 Young Professionals of 2021
Genxyz Headshot 2 Kristin Myren

Kristin Myren, 30

Director of Operations, Premise Health | Denver

Kristin Myren never thought shed be able to run that six-mile race she signed onto with her dad.

But she did. And then she ran 13 miles. And then one marathon. And then nine more. And then ultra-marathons.

I quickly realized that doing something you didnt think you could is a scalable concept,” she says. Over time, I built confidence in the concept that success – and the barriers to it – are relative notions mostly in my mind.”

With a focus on health care in underserved communities, Myren manages $30 million in facilities, including 10 health centers and pharmacies. She helped to establish a Pilot Program for under-served patients in rural Nevada to access Mayo Clinic services. And she served as a senior manager for an onsite-health care company and helped to lead the opening of a new rural Texas health care facility—all while completing her MBA in health administration.

Myren says a mentors insight that great teams come from collective characters and values proved especially valuable in 2020.

Last year was one of the hardest weve seen,” she says, and I reflect often on how having the right people on the bus made all the difference.”

Her No. 1 goal: To be a driving force promoting health care access for those who need it most.”

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