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Blue Star Recyclers

953 Decatur Street, Suite C Denver, CO 80204
Business Services: Non-Profit Organizations, Technology: Software/Hardware/Consultants

Blue Star Recyclers recycles electronics to create jobs for people with autism and other disabilities.

Blue Star Recyclers (www.bluestarrecyclers.org) is an award-winning, 501c3 social enterprise that exists to create jobs for people with autism and other disAbilities. We provide e-Steward® certified electronics recycling services for businesses, municipalities, and consumers at locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. We offer pick-up services for businesses or large orders.

Fewer than 20% of electronics are ethically recycled but our talented workforce faces more than 80% unemployment. Blue Star Recyclers’ 100% solution delivers measurable results to Colorado in job creation, taxpayer savings and environmental stewardship and we earn our way by funding most operating expenses from our recycling operations.