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Tailwind Nutrition

442 Wolverine Dr., Bayfield, CO 81122
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Tailwind Nutrition – The all in one drink mix for serious athletes

Owned, operated and produced in Durango, CO, Tailwind Nutrition is for athletes who want to stay on top of their fueling while pursuing their passions. Developed by endurance athlete, Jeff Vierling, after dealing with fueling issues at the Leadville 100 that had him hurling on the sidelines, Tailwind Nutrition is a mild tasting, easy on the stomach endurance fuel that maintains consistent energy levels. Tailwind delivers hydration, fuel and calories in an all-in-one non-GMO drink mix that is gluten, soy and dairy free. Designed to be all you need, Tailwind’s endurance fuel allows athletes to ditch gels, chews and bars.