Live your passion

Follow the 2-4-6 formula

How can you turn a good life into a great life?  We all can use a reminder at times, even me.  Even if no one else gained anything from it,  I know that I researched and wrote the book Pursuit of Passionate Purpose to provide me clarity on an ongoing basis of the success formula for life. My hope is that others will benefit as well. The research affirms what others have said through the ages:  The pursuit of passionate purpose and relationships along the way bring meaning to life. Make a meaningful difference by aligning your passions with a worthwhile purpose and then persistently pursue it.  


My theme in 2015 is “Be a SUNFLOWER.™”  Each letter of the word aligns with one of the traits of successful Passionate Pursuers. L stands for "Live the '2-4-6' formula."    From page 8 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, this formula "is the basis for successfully pursuing passionate purpose and reaping real rewards. The two-step formula is:  1) Follow the proven four-stage process.  2) Apply six success strategies.      Here are the tactics to effectively implement this formula (as summarized on page 253).


1.  Know and Nurture the Person (Find Your Passion).  Get to know who you are and nurture your whole self.

2.  Find Passionate Purpose.  Foster passion, align it with a worthwhile purpose, and commit fully to the purpose.

3.  Pursue Purpose.  Develop and focus on implementing a plan by persistently involving people in partnership, resources, and communication.

4.  Assess Progress.  Evaluate progress, recognize success, appreciate, and determine what's next.


  1. Polarity Strategy.  Instead of seeing a polarity as a problem to solve, honor opposites in life and allow dynamic movement between interdependent poles.
  2. Attraction Strategy.  Hold a broad intention and remain open to the opportunities that are everywhere, while thinking, feeling passionately, and taking action to get what you want.
  3. Persistence Strategy.  Mindfully persevere with focused determination using a divide-and-conquer approach.
  4. Allowing Strategy.  Be clear on what you want and allow how you get it to unfold.
  5. Connections Strategy.  Bring the proper people and web of life along and lessen the impact of improper ones.
  6. Pack Strategy.  Pack energizers and remove hindrances from the journey.  

Success is self-determined. You can turn a good life into a great life. Life is exactly what you choose to make of it. Life is short. Follow your heart, in harmony with your head and hands. Live your passion. Enjoy the process. Begin now!  

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