Loveland Distillery Rolls Out New Whiskey and Tasting Room

It’s been a big year for local distillery The Family Jones

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It’s been a big year for Loveland-based distillery The Family Jones. In September, the distillery opened a new tasting room in Loveland, quickly followed by the launch of its Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey on Oct. 15.

The Family Jones was started by “the ultimate blended family of Denver entrepreneurs,” says Rene Doubleday, the marketing manager of The Family Jones.

This family includes its distilling team — Master Distiller Rob Masters, Lead Distiller Gabe Toth and Distiller Jamie Burns — as well as its CEO Paul Tamburello (who is most notably known as the owner of Little Man Ice Cream), CFO Jack Pottle (who is the managing director of private equity firm Viridian Investment Partners) and Operations Director Terry Freeman (who is the COO of Cook Street School of Culinary Arts), to name a few.

Over the years, the distillery’s list of spirits has grown to include eight spirits all made from Colorado grains. This includes Annika Jones vodka, Juniper Jones gin, Mo Jones rum, StopGap Jones bourbon, Automatic Jones rock and rye, Jones House vodka, Jones House gin and its newest spirit Atticus Jones rye whiskey. And, in the spring of 2020, the distillery is planning to launch a bourbon.

One of the main missions of The Family Jones was to produce its spirits locally, from farms to production facilities. The distillery only sources its grains from three origins (all Colorado-based): the Whiskey Sisters, Colorado Stock and Grain and Root Shoot Malting.

The Tasting Room

The distillery first opened its doors in 2016 and began selling its spirits in Nov. 2017 at its small-batch distillery and tasting room in Denver, which it calls The Family Jones Spirit House. And on Sept. 21, the distillery opened a new tasting room attached to its primary distillery.

“If the Denver Spirit House is the dining room, Loveland is the kitchen,” says Tamburello.

Not only will the Loveland tasting room offer all six of the distillery’s spirits, but it will also serve snacks, an assortment of Little Man ice cream sandwiches, food from local food trucks and a number of signature cocktails.

“The tasting room conveys a sense of discovery and whimsy, honoring Loveland’s artistic heritage and sculptural arts community,” Doubleday says.

Atticus Jones Colorado Rye

Image courtesy of B Public Relations 

Guests at the new tasting room may have had an early taste of the Atticus Jones Colorado straight rye whiskey, but it officially hits the shelves Oct. 15. The mashbill is 75% rye, 15% corn and 10% malted barley. The spirit was double-pot distilled and aged for a minimum of two years in 53-gallon, American oak barrels.

“In crafting Atticus, we meticulously thought through every step in the process,” says Masters. “From sourcing local grains direct from farmers to using proprietary yeast strains, every component was a calculated and conscious decision. Making whiskey is both and art and a science. Controlling the variable of each step requires the scientific methods, knowing if the decision you’ve made at each step is the right one is the art.”

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