Made in Colorado: Meep records, Primary ties, Peacock candles, The LOOP


Adam Baumester has played guitar in Denver bands like Bad Weather California, managed landmark record store Twist & Shout, and collected vinyl records since he was a kid. So he took the natural next step: He bought a lathe on eBay and went into the record-making business with Meep Records in 2012.

“Vinyl is on the uptick,” he says. “Music sales are going down, but people like records and still collect records.” Baumester says he “cuts the grooves in real-time,” typically making one to 50 records for customers, and specializes in picture discs that showcase artwork as the record spins on the turntable. “It’s a handmade, boutique, limited-edition thing.” $20 per record, with volume discounts.

Made by Meep Records, Denver,


Founded by Shannon Cumberland in 1995, Rosy Rings went into the perfume business last year. “The inspiration came from Shannon’s love of Victorian decor and her love of fragrances,” says Stephanie Babich, Rosy Rings’ sales director.

The new company, Peacock Parfumerie, has a line of pendants filled with one of seven fragrances. The fragrances are made in Seattle, but each scent has a corresponding candle made in Rosy Rings’ factory in northeast Denver. Candles: $25. Pendants: $37. Perfumes: $22 per half-ounce.

Made by Rosy Rings, Denver, and


Shawn Regan’s day job in finance hasn’t stopped him from pursuing fashion by night and on weekends. “I think of my ties being pretty versatile,” he says. “You can dress up with them, but they can also be casual.”

Regan buys small amounts of fabrics and often repurposes Japanese kimonos and other vintage clothing into neckwear. “I like simplicity,” he says. “I don’t want to overdesign.” He says he’s looking to go full-time with Primary in the future. “It’s been steadily growing. Soon I’m going to be hiring some production help. Making the ties is a significant time suck. I also want to spend time creating a brand that I’m proud of.” $48 bow tie, $68 necktie.

Made by Primary, Denver, Also available at Svper Ordinary, Berkeley Supply, Winter Session, and Denver Fashion Truck in Denver.


Architect Scott Rodwin remembers his exact inspiration for The LOOP roughly four years ago. “I was at the Colorado Athletic Club in Boulder,” he remembers. “I pulled my earbuds out of my pocket and they’re a tangled mess.” As he struggled to unravel the wires, another gym patron had the same thing happen, and loudly asked, “Why can’t anybody fix this?”

Rodwin went home, got to work, and invented The LOOP — a user-friendly disc ringed by cleats that keep your wires uncrossed. Rodwin launched the patented product at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “We went in wide-eyed,” Rodwin says. “Lo and behold, it was phenomenally successful. We were mobbed from start to finish.” Next up: “A whole fleet of cable management products” for USB cords, power cables and Christmas tree lights. $6 retail.

Made by The LOOP, Boulder,

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